Payment Solutions

Industry leaders such as Google, PayPal, Chase QuickPay, and Square (among other start-ups), are currently offering a variety of innovative payment solutions for merchants.

Most of these innovations are aimed at using smartphones from the customer-side. However, on the merchant side, most POS systems are not capable of keeping up with the latest technologies and payment solutions.

As a business owner, it will be very hard to keep your business on the cutting edge and utilize the new technologies and payment solutions that customers are looking for. As usual, the ‘big guys’ will be the first to exploit these new opportunities, and continue to increase their competitive edge. Their systems are ready to support such integrations, and the payment solutions companies naturally want to help. Of course, the playing field is not level for small businesses like yours.

Some companies do offer their own limited-capability Point Of Sale systems, but not necessarily with your interests in mind. They only support their own innovations, which may succeed–or disappear forever, leaving you with outdated software and useless hardware.

EntireOne was specifically designed to keep your business integrated with the best and most up-to-date payment technologies.