Merchant Services (Credit Card Processing)

99% of Business Owners do NOT know this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Information!

These 5 Facts will make a HUGE difference on your monthly cost for Credit Card Processing:

    1. Visa and MasterCard fees (known as Interchange) are NOT negotiable, NO ONE can change them, and are charged equally across ALL businesses, based on a set of defined rules stated here. Visa, MasterCard
    2. The Processing companies are the ones who actually process the Credit Cards, transfer the money between entities, and NO ONE can wave their low and fair fee.

    3. The 'Rate' negotiation by Merchant Service companies which are NOT fair and equal across all businesses has nothing to do with Visa, MasterCard, or your actual credit card processing needs.

    4. All 'Discount', 'Lowest', 'Best', or 'Flat' Rate offers ARE negotiable as they are made-up by the Merchant Service companies and they are ONLY about 'THEIR' own commissions.

    5. 'THEIR Rates' and all monthly and other charges ARE added ON TOP OF Interchange and processing fees!


  • Only EntireOne Members receive Absolutely FREE Merchant Services (NO Add-On Rates)!
  • You will pay $0.00 and 0.000% on top of the required Credit Card company Interchange fee.
  • You will pay $0.00 on top of the $0.04 - $0.06 required Processing and Gateway fee (per transaction).
  • One time Application/Setup fee of $100.
  • Next day deposit including Amex.
  • No one competes with EntireOne so no termination fee.



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EntireOne Members pay NO RATE! Nothing. Zip. Nada. Join Now!



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