Loyalty, Coupons & Social Media Marketing

Industry leaders and many small tech startups may offer you to join their loyalty programs, and each company may indeed have their own unique and attractive program, but because the social media and marketing trends change so rapidly, they’ll will be gone with the wind unless they can sustain an enormous volume of retailers and consumers.

Loyalty programs combined with social-media could be an important and powerful component in your own marketing strategy, but using such companies for your loyalty program comes with many drawbacks. They are unable to smoothly provide services for each transaction in your register, collect and update your customer transaction data in their system, or redeem the customers’ points at the time of transaction. In order to solve these problems, they may require you to use their separate reporting and management console, to manually update and maintain data, manually redeem points, integrate with your POS printer, or may require you to purchase their exclusive terminals or devices, which would make the work only minimally easier.

This huge mess of inefficiencies and extra work required to maintain these loyalty programs is the number one reason retailers stop working with their service companies, or completely give up on loyalty programs altogether. As soon as this happens, or when the winds of change blow the company into dust, your investment is gone, the devices become paperweights, and those loyalty cards become useless wallet-filler.

What’s worse, many of these companies may also provide for you a ‘specialized POS system’ which is designed mainly, and often only, for their own benefit. These systems are designed to prevent you from working with their competitors, and will stop you from benefiting from any other marketing trends. The decision to use them in place of a truly powerful business management system will put everything at risk.

When we designed the EntireOne point of sale system, we understood that we not only need to provide the best business management tools available, but to also provide a system that is always ready to integrate with the companies that are driving the latest coupon, social media, and marketing trends, no matter how fast they move.