Brand Loyalty & Promotions

Common sense says that if you choose a target and then aim precisely: you’ll hit. When you run a promotion with EntireOne, you’ll have the flexibility and precision to hit your target with 100% of your promotional power.


Retailer Promotions: Target retailers who currently carry your products and get your foot in the door with those who only carry the products of your competitors.

Consumer Promotions: Target those consumers who buy similar products from your competitors, and those who already buy your products to encourage them to try your other products or anything new you have to offer.


When small- and mid-sized retailers or consumers are the target of your promotion, it’s essential to have a clear and open channel to reach them. EntireOne can keep these channels open, and help you avoid promotional dilution on the way to the target. You’ll also have more control over promotional inventory and be able to minimize the chances of someone stockpiling extra inventory at discounted cost.


With EntireOne, you can make sure that 100% of your promotional discount will hit the intended consumer target. If your target is the merchant, you can decide to promote based on their purchases or even sales.